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    Acclaimed filmmaker Lauren Greenfield examines modern greed amid the world of the 1%.

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    The salary package is 0,000 a year." The nigger said, "Ah c'mon, you're bullshitting me! It was that they were made of shiny silver metal, and the sun reflecting off them was blinding to other golfers on the fair way." The man behind the counter said, "Well, you started it." A man dies and goes to heaven. ' The golfer said, 'So then why didn't you just paint them black? Then four of 'em didn't show up for work, two filed for welfare, one of them robbed the pro shop, and the other is running for President. What I will do for you is this: We just received 8 brand new robot golf caddies. The members of the Supreme Court wear black robes and scare white people. He approaches the man behind the counter in the pro shop and says, 'I would like 18 holes of golf and a caddie.' The man behind the counter says, 'The 18 holes of golf is no problem, but all of the caddies are out on the course." Her Mammy replied, "why dem iz muh tits La Shondra." "Mammy, will Iz ever haf tits? "Why shor, La Shondra, whenzs yuz growed up like Mammy yuz haf dem tits too", answered her Mammy. The German doctor says, "That's nothing, in Germany we take part of a brain, put it in another man, and in 4 weeks he is looking for work." The Russian doctor says, "Gentlemen, we took half a heart from a man, put it in another's chest, and in 2 weeks he is looking for work." The American doctor laughs, "You all are behind us.

    What does a nigger have in common with a soda machine? Why are there only two pallbearers at a niggers funeral? What's the difference between bigfoot and a hard working nigger? If you're willing to take one with you out on the course and come back and tell me how well it works, your round of golf is on me today.' The golfer obviously accepted the man's offer.

    The Chinaman skips the rock across the water, with the sound, "Ching, Chang, Chong!

    " Ching is my Mother's name, Chang is my Father's name, and I am Chong," the Chinaman finishes.

    It means there at least 9 months away from the next welfare upgrade. Al Sharpton reported today that Walt Disney's new film called “Jet Black” the African-American version of “Snow White" has been canceled. Upon returning to the clubhouse, the man behind the counter asked, 'How was your game ?

    All of the 7 dwarfs: Dealer, Stealer, Mugger, Forger, Drive By, Homeboy, and Shanky-Skank have refused to sing “Hi Ho” because they say it offends black prostitutes. The hand has never moved indicating she never lied." "What about that one there? ' The golfer stated, 'It was, by far, the BEST game I ever played.

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