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    documents: Robt Davis, Samuel Patterson, Walter Irvine, Wm Berryman, Sheriff Buckner, L. Nesbit mentioned: wine, 1793-1795, Carter Braxton, John Butler, Benjamin Hackney, Frances L. Robert Beverly, Robert Wormely Carter, Ralph Wormely, George Carter, Presley Thornton, Warner Lewis, John Tayloe, mentioned: Greensburgh, Luzon County, Pennsylvania, Nicholas Stansbury of Baltimore, George Chapman, John Snyder, James Taylor; listed: names of the crew, their occupation on the ship and the number of shares attributed to each one mentioned: receipt of payment, Canary Islands, Tenerife, captured British Brig Lloyd & Brig Morgiana, captured British Schooner Joseph off River Oronoco, captured Schooner Lady Cockburn off of Curacao, ransom of prisoners opinion for Mr. Hopkins 3 scholars, Garland Mallory 2 scholars, Povel Morris 1 scholar, Michael Damron 2 scholars, William Carrley 1 scholar, Abraham Price ?

    Allen, Elizabeth Davis, John and Samuel Sadler, Peter Davis, Robert Hill, M. Wakelin Welsh & son, Capt Arthur, Goosley, Woodson, Wm Nelson, Jr of Carolina, Gen Nelson, Ralph Wormley, Jr, R Robinson, dec. Irby; Tarply White of Henrico County and his last will and testament, slaves, distribution of property to Thomas White, Isaac White, Mildred Bottoms, Betsy Bottoms, Nancy White, Nancy Bottoms mentioned: Allen's Bridge, Petersburg, Littleberry Whitfield, Wallace & Stephens, Bragg & Jones, George Blow, Pleasant Honeycutt, William Park, Henry Pennington, Jesse Womble, Person Turner, A. , William Borden 4 scholars, William Omohundro 3 scholars mentioned: John Graham, John Harris, John Bosher, N.

    Barnes" 173 pounds for the first year and 225 pounds for "every year after during his life." inventory of John Mercer's library made by his son James prior to the sale of Mrs. Robsamen who is appointed by the General Congress to Superintendent of the Salt Petre"; Bland is to take Robsamen "under [his] care" and assist him by "showing him warehouses" and letting him experiment Page has confidence in Fleming's ability to secure people under his leadership and sends "powder for your protection; Page has heard from Congress that the Northern Indians are friendly and have withdrawn their assistance to "our" enemies Hancock is Deputy Paymaster General of the Army of the United States of America; payment in the amount of 1800 pounds, "equal to six thousand dollars" for the defraying of necessary expenses; endorsed by Chase to John Appleton with his receipt Heron was "of the township and County of York"; Hand "obliges himself to furnish" Heron with "four milk cows, two draught horses, a Plantation wagon, and [illegible] for four horses and farming tools"; also signed by Heron and two witnesses regards the "removal of several Gentlemen of this City by Council, out of the State. Stamford, Committee of Claims, introduction of a resolution for the redemption of slaves with colonizing them comfortably in Africa, and on five thousand acres west of the Mississippi mentioned: Juliana E.

    They have uniformly manifested in their general Character and Conservation a Disposition highly inimical to the Cause of America." Clapperton was of the Parish of St. Dandridge, Lavinia W Dandridge, John Williams & Sianna A.

    Simmons of Norfolk; William White of Princess Anne; Archibald Richardson of Nansemond; Edward Dillard of Petersburg; Miles Burgess of Surry; George Hines of Isle of Wight; Thomas Lewis of Prince George; Joseph Townes of Charlotte Co and Nottoway Co, John Booker of Prince Edward Co and Charlotte Co; John Wilson of Mecklenburg Co and Halifax Co; John Street of Lunenburg and Brunswick Co itemized for building materials, food and sundries; Robert Hannah, Beverly Roberson, Charles Mc Craw, Edmund Tate, Joseph Ship, Witts Mosely, Thomas W Cocke, Reeves Higginbotham, James Gilliam, Archibald Robinson, Edward Price, Charles Johnson, mentioned: John Fretwell & Co, Jacob Martin; Robertson Daniel & CO; William Gilman. Chandler, William Roe; Doctor Morris; Robert Anderson, Robert Burton; Nathaniel Watkins of Albemarle County, sale of woman, Letty; Ben Johnston; John Coles; Josiah Hobson; John Hardin of Powhatan County sale of Negroe boy, Charles; William Steger; Doctor Everett letter about leaching and oil of sugar; John M Cobs; John Brown of Nottoway County sell Negros woman. Lindenberger, John Clarke mentioned: a trip to Cincinnati, his horse, the question of war, goods, whether he should move and the price of goods, General Massie, Mr.

    Austin Noble, Ishim League, Richard Davis; James Ferrell; James Carr; James Eubank; Thomas Eubank; Marshall Durrett; JOHN Eubank; Edward Garland; Walter Cole; David Young; Joshua Porter; James Dudley; George Norwell; Thomas Norwell; Thomas Thurmond; Walter Coles; Rice Smith Thomas Daniel; Richard Preston; Landon Farrar, Thomas B. Burnett, suit filed in Highland County against William Byrd's father's estate, William Creighton, Chillicothe mentioned: dues, John Ewing, William Ewing, William Southgate, Alexander Mc Kim, Charles Southgate, James Wallace, John Gordon, Archibald Campbell, Mr.

    Mary Lightfoot to Tho Kelley who recvd June 28 1758 the above in full." 1756: M. B., May 25, 1879 Regarding Samuel's trip from Boston to London. ; French Creek; Sackets Harbor; Bonnell's Company, 2nd Lt. charged with wantonly beating and abusing a soldier response to an ad placed by Edward Shacklett in the "Richmond Whig," mentions: Henry Priest, Peter Priest, James H. Greenleaf advertised a large amount of property in the City of Washington as agent for the estate of Robert Morris, John Nicholson and James Greenleaf requesting advise about depositing funds from the proceeds of the sale of lands in Florida for G. Lafayette; mentioned: difference of exchange between Philadelphia and Tallahassee and making the funds available in Paris 1. Brent mentioned: arrangements for disembarking Montgomery's Company for French ? Michael; certificate granting Mary "Letters of Administration of the Estate and Effects of Alexander Clapperton...lately deceased as next of kin."; Certified and signed by Jos. Cook, John & Thomas Burton, George James, Robert Gamble, etc. Dudley, Moses Austin, Martin Van Buren, Henry Yates, Roger Skinner, Samuel Young, David E. Williams; David Dorrington & Susan Dorrington, Executor & Executrix of William Dandridge, dec. S Cray and Robert Smith Letter of 2 September regards "an account of the commitment and tryal of a certain Caleb Hill, a deserter from the 11th Virginia Regiment." Letter of 17 August also regards Hill, then calling him a "house thief." letter of 28 June regards the "southern movement of the enemy" and the detention of supplies, both of which greatly concern Jefferson. and many more names, General Assembly Acts (shipping, flour etc.) passed in Virginia list of names for the Republican Party: Jonathon Dayton, John Townsend, Walter Ditmis, Peter R. John Ambler, William Armistead & others who are plaintiffs in a suit; Williamsburg Chancery Court. Corbin of Williamsburg will not live long notice of depositions to be taken at the house of William H. William Brooks to John Thompson, Robert Mc Reynolds, John Snyder, Thomas Dixon, Morris Dunnington, Thomas Humphreys also mentioned: Amelia, VA, and Abbe Ragnals History of Philadelphia and Political Establishments and Commerce of the Europeans; news about Thomas Jefferson being presented at the Court of Versailles and his private audience with the King Misc. Paine Good, Lewis, Banks, Montgomery, Stewart, Burton, Kerr, Germon, Haslet, Mc Creey. Peters, Heath Mason, David Pennington, Patsy Marable. Clark, George Gillman, Edwin Clarke, Burwell Stark, Henry Carter, James Latimer, Thomas A. Keen, Hay, Lott, Laughlin, Barrett, Southgate, Richards, Higbee, Trevor, Deane, Boulware, Pryor, May, Mayo, Vanduval, Hylton, Ghoghegan, Roper, Webb, Hayes, Dixon, Webb, Boyd, Robert, Luckett, Lambert, Adams, Isaccs, Truehart, Tinsley, Booker, Rowland, Randolph, Harvie, Galt, Mitchell, Formecola, Greenhou, Pennock, Lewis, Warrington, Good, Southall, Voss, Tankerd, Foushee, Wilkinson, Graves, Stockdale, Bolling, Matthews Misc. Littleberry Lee, Charles Gilliam, Polly Gilliam, William H. Ruffin, John Brown of Greensville County, VA, Blow & Petit, William Wyche, Lanier Rochelle, Henry Peters, Susanna Baird, Wallace Stevens, Hawkins Pond, David Heath, Robert Downman, Joseph Coleman 3 scholars, Will Hopkins 3 scholars, L. Bryan, Benson Blake, Commercial Rail Road Bank of Vicksburg, notes for property in Vicksburg and lot description, M. Dunlop, preachers Pendleton, Winslow Doctor Daniel Green is returning to the ship, Vandalia in Norfolk after leave to see his daughter who broke her arm, he intends to resign and get a small farm, Mr. Brent from a Spanish artist and "the holy family" purchased from the Marquis of Abrantes mentioned: Lucy's health, his wife, arrangements to return home with John Brown, we should move from this dreadful place, Mary Eliza, care of Walter H Taylor & Co Norfolk, the Webbs, Mrs. Johnson; George Nicholson; Eliajah Boyce; Jacob Drumheller mentioned: Janet Nevins Collier, late wife of Hezekiah Collier; Samuel Nevins late of Virginia and his wife Susannah Nevins, dec'd; Michael and Thomas Bull; Daniel Beasley and Joseph Gallego of Manchester, Virginia yard goods, sundries, food, spices, tea, whiskey, clothing; John Pointer, Richard Thurman, Rieves Higginbotham, John Brown, Josiah Bialy, Stewart Taliaferro, Edward Lynch, William Edenfield, James Gilliam, James Mosley, Thomas Cocke, William Warwick, John Eckford, William Stanton, George Sullivan, William Powell, Henry Davis, Peter Detto, Charles Hoyle, Walter Muschell, Thomas S Mc Clelland, Samuel Irvine, William Block, William B. Henderbugh mentioned: Clerk of Henrico Court, estate of Mary Whitlock dec'd. Whitlock, William Whitlock, Joseph Allen, Clerk of the Court of Appeals, Lewis Harvey, 1000 lbs, Judge Brockenbrough, William Clark and wife, Pollard and wife, George Whitlock, Z. Return to Search Page Your search returned 2891 record(s). Pages : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 Next Page thanks Morison for his kindness in England and describes Banister's time in Virginia. involved the amount of 3000 acres to Mc Queen "opposite to Augusta fort and from thence to Horse Creek; Involved the amount of 1300 acres to Gaddsden "on the far side of the Pedee River"; Signed by Samuel Mowbray. Rule involves John Stiles, David Barclay, James Jackson and John Leake. It touches on the barbarous acts of and military engagements with the Indians, crops, plants, trees, animals, and trade between the colonists and Indians in the handwriting of Dr. regards a peace proposal in America between Indians, the French, and "the white people" in the nation based upon the expectation of a trade agreement; concern about mixed signals regarding war and the state of Indian prisoners "Barnes agrees to leave to Ballendine all the negroes known and the Sugar lands." Ballendine agrees to pay Mr. Also: Sale of John Mercer's Effects after the death of his wife. "John Lawrence, Adam Mott, William Baker and David Barclay [should] be made defendants instead of the now defendant John Stiles." Adams regrets having left Elizabeth "pale and unwell; " Adams is about to leave for "Lion-Vale" hoping to make "a visit to the Springs"; Adams is to see a man in the following week about land he told Elizabeth about "in Amherst County" "A resolution of the committee of public claims that Arthur Dent ought to be allowed the sum of twenty five pounds for his present relief and the further sum of five pounds per annum during his life, a recompense for the wounds he received" letter was to be "received at the hands of Mr. Harding all of Richmond mentioned: employed by the heirs of Goodrich Boush formerly of Norfolk: Ann Brough formerly Ann Boush (now a widow), Elizabeth Boush and Harriet Robinson wife of Henry Robinson, to place a claim upon the state for property destroyed during the Revolution FERRIS, Charles Goadsby, (1796-1848) a Representative from New York; born at The Homestead, Throgs Neck, the Bronx, N. Love to brother Wythe and Lizzie, cousin Mary Hardaway and cousin Betsy Mayo Elizabeth Jarvis of the County of Hart, Kentucky appoints Lewis Barret to recover any property coming to her from the State of Virginia by the virtue of a purchase made by her late husband, John Baldwin of Stephen and Edith Owen of Chesterfield County mentioned: Messr. Beebe, Henry Costar, & Ezra Durand mentioned: sorry to hear of his Mama's illness, remarks about the possible sale of Cumberland County lands that his brother, Fred, requested; mother has spent everything on Frank; when possible bring mother to Arkansas mentioned: copy of his resignation and his differences with the President (? Moore 50 dollars for a negro woman slave, Molly to be employed as a cook; receipts for taxes paid on gross sales from Mr.

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